Where are your posts about “A trip to London?”

May 23, 2010

Remember your posts are due by Monday!!

Have a nice day! And remember to check out the lastest news at CBBC Newsround!

Have you seen this?  Next Olympic Mascots


A trip to London: Evaluation worksheet

May 19, 2010

This is the link to print out your evaluation worksheets.


I won’t evaluate any project which has not prevously been self-evaluated!!


April 7, 2010

Hi everybody!

As you’ve already probably noticed, I’m not coming to class today. I’m not feeling well, sorry.

Try to make the most of your time to work on English while I’m not there. Please start the webquest about London I suggested (see post below).

Go through the instructions, make up your teams (of 4 people) and start doing some research on London! Good luck!

A trip to London

April 7, 2010
Would you like to get to know swinging London? Here are some pictures from my last trip.


Tower Bridge

As I explained earlier in class, we’re going to plan a trip to London in teams.

Before you start, you can get familiar with the topic by listening to this text about a trip to London and doing the exercises.

Candem Town

This is the webquest I suggest we follow to do the project. Read the instructions carefully. We’ll have some time in class to discuss any questions you may have.

Task for next week

January 16, 2010

As you know now, Martin Luther King Jr was a prominent leader in the African-American civil rights.
Would you be able to name any significant activist women in the fight for civil rights in the USA?

Use the tips for a better search in Google to help you!


December 30, 2009

I hope you’re enjoying your holidays.

Did you get many presents from Santa or are you still waiting for the Twelfh Night?

If you feel bored, try practising some English! Here you have a programme you can listen and read about Santa (you can download the script), and also some more Christmas words to learn in this crossword.

Enjoy and have a happy and funny New Year’s Eve!

See you next year!

Some Christmas activities

December 20, 2009