Diane Arbus

December 14, 2009

She said of her pictures, “What I’m trying to describe is that it’s impossible to get out of your skin into somebody else’s…. That somebody else’s tragedy is not the same as your own.” And of her subjects who were physically unusual, she said, “Most people go through life dreading they’ll have a traumatic experience. [These people] were born with their trauma. They’ve already passed their test in life. They’re aristocrats.”

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There’s also an interesting film about her life, starring Nicole Kidman, called Fur (2006).


Some more clues

December 13, 2009

OK, I can see you don’t manage to find the photographer.

More clues:

  • The photographer took pictures of very famous people such as Norman Mailer, Mae West or Jorge Luis Borges.
  • Her work is influenced by the characters in the film Freaks by Tod Browning.
  • She committed suicide.

I hope this helps!!

New artist

December 11, 2009

This time you’ll have to find a great contemporary documentary photographer from a wealthy family in New York City, interested in extraordinary subjects.

Good luck!

New picture

November 26, 2009
  • The main character in the picture comes from the nobility
  • She was imprisoned and executed in London. Here:

Who is the main character?

Leonora Carrington

November 15, 2009

More surrealist pictures:

Salvador Dalí:  ‘La persistencia de la memoria’

Max Ernst: Spanking the Christ Child

René Magritte: Les Amants

New painting

November 13, 2009

A surrealist painter. What do you think of surrealism?

Here are your clues:

  • The author belongs to the surrealist movement.
  • She was closely related to Max Ernst, Andre Breton and Joan Miró.
  • She spent some time in Spain, where she suffered a nervous breakdown.

New picture

October 30, 2009

This painting depicts a woman who is a character of one of the most famous of Shakespeare’s plays.

If you know Shakespeare’s work, you will find it very soon!

Ask for more clues if you don’t manage to guess the name!

Let’s see if you find out the title and the name of the author.

Remember, don’t comment here with the answer. Just write it down in your notebooks and we will check it on Wednesday!