We miss you!

This post is to SERGIO!

I am very sad, next year we won’t be together like this year, our class will be a litlle more empty without you…

You will away but we will remember you, we can’t forget all the good words that you give us everyday!

I hope you continue commented on the blog 😉

Trank you Sergio, thanks for giving us many unforgettable moments!

 I wanted to make a tribute to you because you deserve all good things in your new life…


P.D. : We are going to meet you again in the bar of the University!


6 Responses to We miss you!

  1. Sergio says:

    Mar… Now my heart is running very fast reading this…

    I can say that I have the best friends I can found in the world.. You have been very special individually and each one has given to me very different and special moments, but everyone togheter, 1ºC, have given to me a feeling, the feeling that I had a little big family in one class every morning when I entered in the class.

    For this and so much more, thanks you. =D I will see you all the times I can to try to continue being in your lifes ^^

    And, of course, I will continue posting in this blog, our blog.

  2. Laura says:

    I’m really sorry to hear you leave us. I didn’t know about that. It’s really a shame but I’m sure we’ll keep in touch. I wish you all the best for your new life, wherever you go, I’m sure you’ll succeed!

  3. Sergio says:

    Thanks you very much Laura for everything. And thanks you for create this fantastic site called Englishinbachillerato. =D

  4. Mar says:

    I’m sure you will have a nice life!
    I love you, cookie!

  5. Sergio says:

    Me too crazy girl (Lunática) =D

  6. Mar says:

    jajaj, and you are my favourite soap 😉 (Mistol)

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