Rock In Rio Madrid ’10

June 6, 2010

During this weekend, is being performed in Arganda del Rey (Madrid) one of the biggest musical shows in the world: ROCK IN RIO

The show is called ”Rock in Rio” because it started in the Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) in 1985. It has been so successful that it has expanded in several cities in the world.

This year, performances very good artist like Bon Jovi, Rage Agains The Machine, Shakira, Rihanna and two of my favourites singers: Pereza and Macaco

And other singers that, in my opinion are not so good. I am talking about Calle 13 who sings Reggeton and Miley Cyrus, knows as Hannah Montana.

Anyway, I hope visit in the future other editions of the festival.

Know more about Rock in Rio Madrid, visiting the official website


John Lennon

April 20, 2010

Central Park (NY)

This is a song that everybody has heard ever and that I like a lot. I suggest that you read the lyrics at a time that you are listening the song. Is very interesting and so you can understand better the message of peace that it transmittes.

The Cure

February 22, 2010

Yes, you made it. Congrats.

Here is a video with the mentioned song and Spanish subtitles!

And the lyrics.

And the film with the same title. It’s a great film about the story of the life of Brandon Teena, a transgendered teen who preferred life in a male identity until it was discovered he was born biologically female. Watch the trailer

If you’re interested, we’ll order it to have it in the library to be borrowed!

Music from the 80s

February 19, 2010

I’m very happy to see that you are publishing on the blog. Mar, don’t forget to send us a link to your personal posts. I find it very interesting what you say about Federico Moccia!

Well, as said, it’s time ofr some music research during the weekend. This time music from the 80s. British, again!

Two clues to find out about a great band

  • one of their most famous songs is called as a film starring actress Hillary Swank, who was awarded an Oscar for her role in it in 1999
  • the same song tells about hiding your feelings because you’re not expected to show them
  • the band was first classified as a gothic band (although they’re not gothic any more!)

Punk music

February 8, 2010

Yes! You’ve got it. The most famous group of punk music from the 70s is Sex Pistols. This is their most famous album:

And here is one of my favourite punk bands: The Buzzcocks, with a great song in concert : ‘Ever fallen in love’

The chorus says:

(Have you) Ever fallen in love with someone?
You shouldn’t’ve fallen in love with

I used to feel very identified with it! Has that ever happened to you?

More music

February 5, 2010

Are you up to the challenge to find a new band?

We’ve already known a couple of British bands from the 60s and now it’s the time for a band from the 70s.


  • As I said, they’re British and the band had a great success in the 70s
  • They talk about anarchy and riots in their songs
  • The Queen of England is present in one of their songs!

Easy , huh? We’ll talk about it in Monday.

British bands from the 60s

January 26, 2010

Thank you to all who got the answer!

The Rolling Stones and The Animals were the bands I referred to.

Here is my favourite song by The Animals. Actually it’s one of my favourite songs ever!

I’m sure you know plenty of songs by The Rolling Stones. But do you know any of the singers who influenced them?

If you want to know more, listen to some of their favourite singers:

  • a great bluesong by John Lee Hooker, on of the greatest blues singers ever! Click here
  • and a great song by Nina Simone, here