The Wave

Today, in the class, I spoke a little about a film which I saw last week.

This film is ”The Wave” (Die Welle in German) based in a book with the same name and on true events.

The plot is, during one week, one teacher makes a project about autocracy with theirs students in a German high school. The students think that a dictatorship couldn’t be established now in Germany but, the teacher begins an experiment to demonstrate that it’s so easy to manipulate the people.

Here, the trailer.

I like THE WAVE so much, sometimes is a litlle violent and hard but, it’s the reality.

I hope you enjoy it!


3 Responses to The Wave

  1. Sergio says:

    I saw the film and I liked it a lot, some hard scenes as you know, but I think it could be very easy to have a case like that… Also the end impacted me a lot… I really recomend this film.

  2. Mar says:

    I recomend too The Wave! I want to see it one more time.. it’s a great film!

  3. Mark H. says:

    Very glad you like the film. The students of the original Wave class in California have a new documentary movie about their experience, called “Lesson Plan.” You can learn more at and
    Mark H.

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