April 20, 2011

Hi Laura. I have wanted to post an entry in the blog since a long time. The reason was to show a picture that I took this last summer during my trip to Israel. The picture shows the West Bank wall, the wall that divides Palestine and Israel and that is a sign of the current Arab-Israeli war. It was taken from the Palestinian side and there is an inscription from the group Women for Peace to protest for the war between the two regions. The fight of that  peaceful women group goes further than all we think, here there is a proof.



June 1, 2010


On Monday, Alicia, Fernando, Sergio and I  were in the Contemporary Art Centre (CAC) in Malaga. There we saw some very interesting piece of art of this American artist that in 80’s played a important role in the birth of pop art.
The pieces of art that we saw were highly related to advertising.
An example is the piece of art of VW in which the artist makes a piece of art with the advert that the German car company made to sell  in America, showing the negative characteristics of the car.

James Dean, Rebel without a cause.

This famous piece of art in in the Museum of Modern Art (MOMA) in New York.


June 1, 2010

We all know that cinema is expensive. But on the cinema party we can see our favorite films for only €2. It’s a great idea and if you like the cinema,a fantastic opportunity!
More information: http://www.fiestadelcine.com/


May 24, 2010
  • The flight is with Ryanair and the round trip for four people cost €271.56.
  • We sleep in single rooms and with breakfast included in the Acacia Hostel, a cheap accommodation.
  • To visit London the best idea for us is to buy the travel card that cost €8,50 per day.
  • The route we are going to follow and more interesting details like opening times and prices are indicated here, in the Power Point: A TRIP TO LONDON


By: Lucía Jiménez, Ana Belén Porras, Mª Pilar Sedeño and Marina Vera.

John Lennon

April 20, 2010

Central Park (NY)

This is a song that everybody has heard ever and that I like a lot. I suggest that you read the lyrics at a time that you are listening the song. Is very interesting and so you can understand better the message of peace that it transmittes.



April 19, 2010

This is our dance in the festival of expression.

The video isn’t very good but I think that you can get an idea about it.

I hope that you like it. 🙂


March 25, 2010

This film is about a man, Tristan, that tries to win the heart of a woman, Victoria, and he goes in search of a fallen star. His trip takes him to a mysterious and forbidden land but Tristan isn’t the only one seeking the star: the four sons of the King and the ghosts of their three dead brothers all need the star as they vie for the throne, and a the wicked witch who needs the star to make her young.

It’s posible that we comented this film in class?

I saw this film a time ago but today I have seen it in English. It’s an adventure film really romantic. I have liked a lot this fantasy film and I recommend it. 🙂