We miss you!

June 12, 2010

This post is to SERGIO!

I am very sad, next year we won’t be together like this year, our class will be a litlle more empty without you…

You will away but we will remember you, we can’t forget all the good words that you give us everyday!

I hope you continue commented on the blog 😉

Trank you Sergio, thanks for giving us many unforgettable moments!

 I wanted to make a tribute to you because you deserve all good things in your new life…


P.D. : We are going to meet you again in the bar of the University!



June 6, 2010

Today, I want to dedicate a post to Rafa Nadal,the spanish tennis player known throughout the world.


Because this evening, after winning the final in Paris to Robin Soderling, has been proclaimed WORLD TENNIS NUMER ONE, overtaking Roger Federer.


Rock In Rio Madrid ’10

June 6, 2010

During this weekend, is being performed in Arganda del Rey (Madrid) one of the biggest musical shows in the world: ROCK IN RIO

The show is called ”Rock in Rio” because it started in the Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) in 1985. It has been so successful that it has expanded in several cities in the world.

This year, performances very good artist like Bon Jovi, Rage Agains The Machine, Shakira, Rihanna and two of my favourites singers: Pereza and Macaco

And other singers that, in my opinion are not so good. I am talking about Calle 13 who sings Reggeton and Miley Cyrus, knows as Hannah Montana.

Anyway, I hope visit in the future other editions of the festival.

Know more about Rock in Rio Madrid, visiting the official website


May 23, 2010

By: María Hevilla, Mar Bianchi, Fernando Santos and Sergio Mérida.

Summary of our work

  • We flew with eDreams (Ryanair) company by 67.89 € per person.
  • We sleep in two hotels, the total cost per person is 49.75€
  •  We will move through London city on bicycles. The rental cost 47 € per person. We will use other transports which total cost per person is 18.82 €
  • We are going to visit the most importants monuments in London
  • The travel cost is: Individually, we just spent 163.07 €/person  of the 250 and jointly 652.28 €/person of 1000 euros that we had to spent for the project.

Here we leave the Powerpoint. We hope you enjoy our project !


Noche en Blanco 2010

May 9, 2010


Next weekend  it will take place the third edition of La Noche en Blanco in Málaga. Malaga museums will be open all night, there will be live concerts, many art exhibitions and, of course, a lot of people on the street.

In the two previous years the number of visitors has increased and this year will continue to rise.

Surely, I’ll go! And if you go, you will have a good time!


May 2, 2010

Hello there! Are you enjoying the fair?

I want to post some photos about our day in Gibraltar. You must remember that we will give a project by groups with all the questions answered and photos that you took!


Post more photos if you can!

See you on Tuesday! 🙂

13th Cinema Festival in Málaga

April 18, 2010

Last saturday began a new edition of the festival of cinema in Málaga.

Málaga’s streets are full of red carpets, exhibitions of suits and posters of films of Spanish Cinema.  Also you can go to conferences, masterclass and, of course you can see a lot of spanish and latin american films.

I like so much walk in Málaga in this date, for example… today i saw some famous actors like Carmen Machi (Aída), Miki Nadal and Berta Collado (Sé lo que hicisteis) and Florentino Fernández.

If you are interesting in cinema, I recommend you visit the official website and get information!