Uefa 2010 final

May 11, 2010

Tomorrow, the fans of football have an important date: The Uefa 2010 final. This year the last match is in Germany, in the city of Hamburg and it´s very special to spanish people because the team Atletico de Madrid is on it.

Spain Vs England. Atletico de MadridFulham.

What team do you prefer to win?


English Games

April 18, 2010

You like playing computer games¿ You like English? Here I have some nice games to play in English and spend a little time. =D

In the first game you will be a doctor who have to make a surgery.


Also you can make a surgery of a knee:


And , on the other hand, you can design a mobile phone!


I hope you enjoy with this games! =)

A nice song, =)

April 12, 2010

Hello there, how are you? =)      This time I want recomend to you a song:    “A te” by Lorenzo Jovanotti

I love the lyric, in the song he talks about the woman he loves… And he tells things very beautiful

I have found too the english version, so you can hear it in two different languages.

And the english version, by a man to his daughter:

Dear John

April 3, 2010

Here I am again with another film that I have seen and I recomend to you, Dear John

John, a soldier who is on Holidays knows Savanha, and they fell in love, but he has to go to the military services and they decided write letters to tell the other the news in their lifes.

In my opinion is a nice film, It tells about the love and the comunication, and I think you´ll like it, =)

And I liked too the soundtrack:

The Time Traveler´s Wife

March 27, 2010

I have heard about this film and I would like to recomend it to you. “The Time Traveler´s Wife” is actually a book which will adapted to the cinema in the summer and it tells the story about Henry, a man who has a problem: he travels in the time without he wants…For example, he is sleeping in his house and suddenly he is in 1950… He can stay in other time some minutes or some days… and this cause problems to his family…

I think it will be a good film and I already have the book and I´ll read it. I hope you like it!

Funny videos =D

March 19, 2010


Hello there! We almost have finished our exams, so we are happier and less tired. I have been in the Internet  and I have found some videos I think you like watching it. I´ve  found them very funny and I hope you like them =D








The lovely Bones

March 13, 2010

As I said the other day, I have seen The lovely Bones twice in the cinema… and I really liked it and would like to recommend it to you… With this film I have cried, I have been afraid, I have felt the same that some of the characters felt… You have to seen it… This film is hard, sad, exciting, beautiful… It Is very special.

The lovely Bones