Listen to English sounds in the interactive phonemic chart

Try practising phonetics with PRONUNTIATION PRO, a Flash course on pronuntiation.

In Spanish: Sitio web de fonética inglesa para hispanohablantes.

Most common spellings of the English phonemes

Some exercises:

Vowel sounds: 1, 2 , 3

Consonant sounds

More consonant sounds

Try exercises with words: 1, 2


Irregular Verbs

Listen to the pronunciation of the irregular verb forms and repeat.

Regular Verbs

Rules for the Pronunciation of Regular Past Tense

Listen to the pronunciation of the regular verb forms and repeat.


Word Stress in English – general information
The secret key to English pronunciation! Many languages don’t use word stress but English does, and so must you!

  • Some word stress rules and quiz
  • More Exercises on word stress 1, 2

Sentence Stress in English

Linking in English
Linking is important in English. When we say a sentence, we join or “link” many of the words.


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