To rehearse your pronunciation in your future oral assignments

May 21, 2010

This online free demo tool will make your text speak with a wide range of high quality synthesized voices (male or female voices, UK or US accent) . A very useful tool to train to speak English.

Now you have no excuse (“I don’t know how to pronounce that!”) and you can even choose different accents.

Give it a try!

And check this widget out! You can make your character and your friends travel. Upload your photos to create a movie!


Billie Holliday: Let’s call the whole thing off- BE vs AE

March 8, 2010

I was listening to this song and I remembered that we’re going to see some differences between American and British English.

Billie Holliday, the great jazz singer, sings a song about differences, playing precisely with differences in the pronunciation between AE and BE. Here you have the song and the lyrics. Listen to it and see if you notice!

One more question, what does the title mean to you?

Billie Holiday Let’s Call the Whole Thing off
George and Ira Gershwin

You say either
And I say either
You say neither
And I say neither
Either, either, neither, neither
Let’s call the whole thing off

You like potatoes
And I like potatoes
You like tomatoes
And I like tomatoes
Potatoes, potatoes, tomatoes, tomatoes
Let’s call the whole thing off

But oh, if we call the whole thing off
Then we must part
And oh, if we ever part
Then that might break my heart

So it you like pajarnas
and I like pajamas
I’ll wear pajamas and give up pajamas
For we know we need each other
So we’d better call the calling off, off
Let’s call the whole thing off

So if you go for oysters
And I go for oysters
I’ll order oysters and
cancel the oysters
For we know we need each other
So we’d better call the calling off, off
Let’s call the whole thing off

Easily confused words

March 3, 2010

Some tips about easily confused words you will learn in Unit 4

Easily confused words

Relative clauses

February 18, 2010

Click here if you want to know more about relative clauses.

Here you will find information about when it is possible to omit the relative pronoun, Fernando!

Tips for a better search in Google

January 14, 2010

As you have to do some research and look for relevant information for the next assignment: The webquest on Women and Peace, you might find the search tips below useful. I hope they help!

When you google, remember:
– Be as specific as possible when choosing keywords.
– Use the plus (+) and minus (-) signs in front of words to force their inclusion and/or exclusion in searches. There shouldn’t be a
space between the sign and the keyword.
– Use double quotation marks (” “) around phrases to ensure they are searched exactly as is, with the words side by side in the
same order. Great for song lyrics, poetry and literature quotations. Example: “Gone with the wind”
– Type keywords and phrases in lower case to find both lower and upper case versions. Typing capital letters will usually return only
an exact match. Example: president retrieves both president and President

How to improve your reading comprehension

December 17, 2009

Watch and try to implement this advice to improve your reading skills!