A trip to London

Would you like to get to know swinging London? Here are some pictures from my last trip.


Tower Bridge

As I explained earlier in class, we’re going to plan a trip to London in teams.

Before you start, you can get familiar with the topic by listening to this text about a trip to London and doing the exercises.

Candem Town

This is the webquest I suggest we follow to do the project. Read the instructions carefully. We’ll have some time in class to discuss any questions you may have.


4 Responses to A trip to London

  1. Mar says:

    The webquest give all the instructions but I agree you, teacher, we must talk about the project in class!

  2. Alice says:

    Laura, to do the job, do we have to search all the points that come on the web that you have given us?
    I think some points aren’t important, am I right?

  3. Alice says:

    Do we have to start work now?
    I would like that you first explain it in class, ok?

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