A tRiP tO lOnDoN! ^^

– Our airline is Ryanair.
The flight’s price is 80 € per person (£ 71.50) and you can take your case.

– We have decided to stay at the Whiteleaf Hotel (3 stars).

It is in the center of London, near Hyde Park.
We have chosen a triple room.

The price per person 3 nights is 90.00€ (£79.70).
Breakfast is included.

– We are going to move in London by underground, so we are going to get the Oyster card. It costs £2.30 per day, one person in the zones 1 and 2.

– First day / June 18: we are going to visit Sherlock Holmes’ house, Madame Tussaud Museum, Kensington Palace and its Gardens.
We will lunch in Regent’s Park and we will have the diner in Wagamama.

– Second day / June 19: we are going to go to Buckingham Palace, the Westminster Abbey, the Big Ben, and Covent Garden. In the afternoon we are going to visit to the National Gallery and London Eye, and to end the day, Piccadilly Circus

– Third day / June 20: the last day, we are going to go to Harrods and finally we are going to walk by Hyde Park.

Work by: Alicia Urbano, Laura Bonilla and Eva Gutiérrez


2 Responses to A tRiP tO lOnDoN! ^^

  1. Alice says:

    you can you say me, how can I upload the power point?
    I have tried it but I can’t.

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