A Trip To London (Alex Gomez, Miguel Vera, Alberto Buftea)

-The flight price per person is 132,56 €. We fly with E-Dreams ( a low cost company)

-First we are going to accommodate at Hostel 639. Later we go to visit SOHO zone of london on foot.

-2 day. The first half of the day we will visit The monument, St Paul’s Cathedral and Museum of London. We lunch and later we visit the aquarium and london eye. I recommend to do it at night couse is a beautiful view. But that includes not to have dinner at the hostel (Bad Luck)

-3 day. First half of teh day we visit the westminister cathedral and  Paliament House (big ben) . Then we have lunch and afterlunch we visitit the golden hide, tower bridge and tower of london.

-4 and last day we visit Madame Tussaud’s and we have the rest of tha day to buy some thinghs in Camden Town Market.

That’s our trip to london, We expect that you’ll enjoy it. Ps: The dinner at the hotel is every day at 8 o’clock pm.


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