Teenage achievements

Read and watch this interesting post on the fabulous site, The English Blog, about young people who succeed in achieving great goals.


Do they make you feel that your life is empty and boring or you prefer to study, relax and lead the life of a common teenager?


6 Responses to Teenage achievements

  1. Miguel says:

    Everyone who can make any type of climbing and over to make a record is deserving of recognition but I’m sure the young people who do these things is because you can spare both physical and economic resources.
    This is my opinion. XD

  2. antoniocoino says:

    How he could do that? This is incredible.. But I think that is very dangerous for a boy who is 13 years old!
    What were thinking his parents?
    He should wait for a better training and for be older.

  3. marina1c says:

    It is incredible how a 13 years old boy has achieved something that most adults would like.
    To your question of how we feel before a big achievement for someone our age(aprox.): I like to be a normal girl with concerns and projects of a normal girl and I also think that this guy was up one goal in his life an amazing goal!

  4. Mar says:

    Incredible… with only 13 years old this boy can will make history!
    I hope he will achieve a good future as a climber 🙂

  5. Lucia jimenez says:

    it is incredible, I think that it is admirable. it shows that if we propose something with effort we can achieve

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