13th Cinema Festival in Málaga

Last saturday began a new edition of the festival of cinema in Málaga.

Málaga’s streets are full of red carpets, exhibitions of suits and posters of films of Spanish Cinema.  Also you can go to conferences, masterclass and, of course you can see a lot of spanish and latin american films.

I like so much walk in Málaga in this date, for example… today i saw some famous actors like Carmen Machi (Aída), Miki Nadal and Berta Collado (Sé lo que hicisteis) and Florentino Fernández.

If you are interesting in cinema, I recommend you visit the official website and get information!




5 Responses to 13th Cinema Festival in Málaga

  1. fernandosf says:

    every year I plan to go there but at the end I don´t do it. I would like to go some year because I like cinema a lot.

  2. sorry, I don’t know like make a post. But this is very interesting.
    They are workers in a hospital and they want to raise awareness of breast cancer.
    the song is very funny and sure they have worked hard.
    I hope you enjoy the video.

  3. Lucia jimenez says:

    i don’t know ali. But i want to know the name because i like a lot

  4. Mar says:

    The song is a very nice initiative! Campaings to promote breast cancer awareness are necessary!

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