An inspiring talk by Isabel Allende

This is a talk that has reached my heart. I wanted to share it with you.
The great Isabel Allende summarizes how I feel about the world: we need feminism and passsion. Simply magnificent!

You can watch it with subtitles in English or Spanish. Click on ‘View subtitles’


6 Responses to An inspiring talk by Isabel Allende

  1. Ana Belén says:

    Some time ago Laura and my pupils told me to write something in this blog, so today I have opened it for writing (I do not what about) but I have been surprising with the fantastic talk of Allende. It is worderful. I completely agree with her, I would like to live in a better world, with more heart. I have just finish “Diario azul de Carlota” and also Gemma Lienas talks it is necessary feminist men for a better world. I would like to recommend you this book, you know the authoress is coming to our school next week.

  2. Celia Agüera says:

    This speech is really apassionate.
    It makes feel proud of women and that makes me each day more I want to become a woman who in the futur could change some wrong things.
    I think that I will look for some books of her and read them.

    • Laura says:

      I’m so glad you liked her speech. I can recommend some of her books. The House of the Spirits, for example, or Eva Luna’s Tales. I think you can find them in our library at school!

  3. Mar says:

    Simply awesome… i’m without words!
    After hear the histories I want to make something to change the terrible situation that a lot of women in underdeveloped countries suffers each day!
    I totally agree her, is not fair that men gain more money than women making the same job or women can be dismiss in their jobs because they are pregnant.
    How we can change all this injustice?

  4. Mar says:

    Like Celia, I’m going to read some books about Isabel Allende.
    I think that I have her books in my house!

  5. Mar says:

    I’ve decided to read Eva Luna’s Tales 🙂

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