Dear John

Here I am again with another film that I have seen and I recomend to you, Dear John

John, a soldier who is on Holidays knows Savanha, and they fell in love, but he has to go to the military services and they decided write letters to tell the other the news in their lifes.

In my opinion is a nice film, It tells about the love and the comunication, and I think you´ll like it, =)

And I liked too the soundtrack:


5 Responses to Dear John

  1. Ana says:

    Thanks Sergio!
    I like the story of this movie and the soundtrack is very good! 🙂

  2. Sergio says:

    🙂 Thanks Ana. I liked the movie so I recomend to you

  3. Mar says:

    One of my friends is reading the book ”Dear John” and recomend me too the film!
    I want to see a lot of films and i haven’t got any time :S

  4. Lucia jimenez says:

    i read this book on holidays!!

  5. Celia Agüera says:

    I would like to see the film. I saw “El diario de Noa” that is from the same director and I think this film could make feel many feelings. But like Mar I don’t know when I could go to the cinema to see some films because I don’t have enough time.

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