The Time Traveler´s Wife

I have heard about this film and I would like to recomend it to you. “The Time Traveler´s Wife” is actually a book which will adapted to the cinema in the summer and it tells the story about Henry, a man who has a problem: he travels in the time without he wants…For example, he is sleeping in his house and suddenly he is in 1950… He can stay in other time some minutes or some days… and this cause problems to his family…

I think it will be a good film and I already have the book and I´ll read it. I hope you like it!


4 Responses to The Time Traveler´s Wife

  1. Sergio says:

    I have seen the film in english. Is very special and beautiful, =)

  2. Mar says:

    Another film that I’ll see!!

  3. Sergio says:

    Jajajaj, I have seen it and knowing you… I´m sure that you will like it! =D

  4. Mar says:

    Great! Perhaps i’ll go to the cinema this weekend 🙂

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