Francisco Trigueros

Last weekend I saw some pictures from Francisco Trigueros.

Francisco Trigueros is an artis from Málaga. He is an hyper-realistic painter with an impressive technique, great artist, a master of perspective and color. Succeeded in achieving a mastery of light, as never seen before.

Baños de luz

He is also psychologist, psychoanalyst, poet, art critic, and known to have given several lectures on cubism, realism and surrealism

Danzas de aire

Estudio de las transparencias de la piel

This last picture is the one I like best. I like the technique used by the artist. He lets me see the hand movements.

You can see more of Francisco Trigueros in his web

La hoja dorada

Also you can see more pictures from Francisco Trigueros here


6 Responses to Francisco Trigueros

  1. maria says:

    I like baños de luz and la hoja dorada, baños de luz is very good I like very much the leaf and the light of the picture, baños de luz is a good picture but I think that if the picture isn’t called baños de luz i don’t so much.
    i think the best pictures is baños de luz

  2. Celia says:

    I agree with you Maria, If I didn’t see the picture “Bañoz de luz” in reality, I will never believe that it is a really picture I will believe it is a photography.
    The light is magnificent.

  3. Alicia Urbano says:

    I like “estudio de las transparencias de la piel”, it’s very interesting for me.
    Besides, the hands are very valuable to me … ^^

  4. Mar says:

    I totally agree Maria, Alicia and Celia!
    I don’t know what is my favourite picture because everything are really good!

  5. Mar says:

    Each picture has something special

  6. Celia Agüera says:

    On the picture “Estudios de las transparencias de la piel” seems that the hands are in movement.

    My favorites are “Danzas de aire” and “Baños de luz” 😀

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