First Oscar to a woman director

Today,8th March, is the Women Worker Day and… this morning I get up with this piece of new:

Last night, Kathryn Bigelow has made history. She is the first women who wins an Oscar in the category of director. She makes a film called ”The Hurt Locker” (La tierra hostil in Spanish)

Three women were candidates previously to the prize to better direction: Lina Wertmuller by ”Pasqualino: seven beautys” in 1977, Jane Campion by ”the  Piano” in 1993 and Sofia  Coppola by ”Lost in translation” in 2003.
Finally, Kathryn Bigelow has won the Oscar this year.
”The Hurt Locker” won six of nine Oscar which they were candidates and obtaining more protanogism than, the favourite film,  Avatar by James Cameron who only has won three golden statuettes.
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7 Responses to First Oscar to a woman director

  1. Aliis says:

    Oh yeees!!
    I am very exciiteed =)
    The women overcame us more each day, and I think we have shown too many times. Not only do we clean¡¡

    =D Maaar very good yoour post

    • Laura says:

      What do you mean by “overcame us”? I guess you want to say that women overcome every obstacle, don’t you? And of course it’s clear that we don’t only clean!! BUt cleaning is something important, necessary to everyday life, that both men and women should be responsible for.

  2. fernandosf says:

    It was about time that in 82 editions of the oscar´s awards a woman won the prize. I think more women should try to direct films, because they would be as good as the ones that are directed by men.

    Teacher finally I have a username, I will post something soon.

    • Laura says:

      There are many female filmmakers now, as there are many female writers, artists, etc. They’re just not so well-known and so recognized as their male partners!
      And I’m looking forward to reading one of your posts soon!

  3. Mar says:

    When the teacher said… Kathryn Bigelow is known because she’s ex-wife of James Cameron and, now…she has won more Oscar in this edition that her ex who is favourite!

  4. Alicia says:

    I totally agree with Mar.
    This year the Oscars has been very special.

    I think Kathryn Bigelow is fantastic.But,I like too the movie which have directed her ex; Avatar is a very good film for me.

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