Apple admits using child labour
Apple has admitted that child labour was used at the factories that build its computers, iPods and mobile phones.
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The article also says that
“Apple also said that one of its factories had repeatedly falsified its records in order to conceal the fact that it was using child labour and working its staff endlessly.” and “However, Apple has not stopped using the factories.”

I don’t know what to think but I’ll surely give it a second thought before buying a new iPod…


3 Responses to Outrageous!

  1. Sergio says:

    Is incredible… I have listened this news on TV and I couldn´t believe it

  2. Mar says:

    Wow…i can’t believe it!
    It’s a shame… I’m not going to buy the iPod that I want!

  3. Marina Vera says:

    I can’t stand with things like this. Infantile workforce is something intolerant. Like you say… I will think better before buying a new iPod.

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