Incredible!!!!!! =D

He is Edgar Mueller, and he is able to do things like these…. I was totally shocked when I saw his work!!!! =D

In my blog I have posted more photos like this, which I have found totally…. Fantastics!!


9 Responses to Incredible!!!!!! =D

  1. Mar says:

    Totally AWESOME! The photos are fantasic and there are many works of Edgar Mueller like this!

  2. Celia Agüera says:

    I have seen this men after. He does a great job on the streets.

  3. Alicia Urbano says:

    I have seen this news too. I already knew this man before. I love his work. Drawings he does on the streets are incredibles. To get these visual effects he has to work hard. I hope that all people appreciate their work as we do, because it’s fantastic.
    If you are interested in your work you can go here:

  4. maria says:

    Sergio is tantastic when I saw the photo first I thought it was real!!!

  5. AleexGomez! says:

    This is great! The people who do this sort of thing, in Italy are called madonnari, while In England they are called screevers. It’s a street art like graffiti.=)

  6. Lucia jimenez says:

    yesterday I saw on the news. It is impressive!!

  7. Miguel Vera says:

    The photo is incredible!!

  8. marina1c says:

    What does the picture symbolize?

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