Rawa is an association of women in Afghanistan. This association is fighting for human rights and social justice in Aftanistán.Rawa was founded in 1977 by Meena Keshwar Kamal.

RAWA is a non-violent feminist group working for multilateral disarmament, the establishment of a secular Democracy in Afghanistan, and freedom and rights for women. It is a humanitarian organization running a hospital, medical clinics, schools, literacy programs, orphanages, work programs for widows and providing aid to Afghan refugees in Pakistan.

Rawa was fundated in 1977 by Meena Keshwar Kamal.

Meena was a women’s rights activist. Meena left the university to devote herself as a social activist to organize and educate women. she campaigned against what she perceived as a Russian puppet state controlling Afghanistan, and organized meetings in schools to mobilize support against it.

Meena was assassinated in Quetta, Pakistan on February 4, 1987 by the agents of KHAD.

RAWA’s efforts are an excellent example to other nations also striving to reform their societies from the inside, to expand exposure to humanist ideals and ethics where they are lacking.


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