We are back

Well, well. We’re almost back.

I hope you’ve all had a terrific week! I can see you’ve been busy and you’ve even visited exhibitions in Malaga. I’m glad you told us about it!

I’ve been visiting exhibitions too, but in Madrid. There are so many great things to do there, especially for art lovers like me. I can recommend and exhibition about Maruja Mallo.

She is a great Spanish painter who had to get away from Spain because of the dictatorship in the the 30s. She lived in Latin America until the 60s.

Here is a video of her pictures. The images are of poor quality but the music by Madredeus is great!


2 Responses to We are back

  1. ollycrocetti says:

    Laura, yesterday i try to post a summary of Rawa and I don’t know if i did it well. Even so I post it in my blog.

  2. marina1c says:

    Her pictures are abstract but I really like how she paints, in her pictures there are a lot of varied things representedand. I have concentrated that if it she wants represent people in her pictures mainly she does it with women.

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