Bad Weather… Everywhere

Italy or Spain, the weather atack everybody and every places…

This video struck me:


4 Responses to Bad Weather… Everywhere

  1. Mar Bianchi says:

    Wow… it’s terrible!
    Today, in Málaga the weather will be good but, I think that tomorrow will rain again…
    It can be a consequence of the climatic change…
    What do you think?

  2. marina1c says:

    I think that like you say it can be a consequence of the climatic change! The winter is getting harder and I think the summer will also be! Why don’t we do anything for avoid it?

  3. Sergio says:

    I don´t know if it is a consequence or not of the climate change, and in my opinion this isn´t the main topic,I think that the main problem is to lose everything by a flood or a landslide… It´s awful

  4. Laura says:

    I don’t think bad weather is because of the climate change, or at least that’s not the only reason. Every once in a while it happens and we realize that we can’t control nature. We should bear in mind that more often!

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