Akinator, the genious

Hello There! I would like to share with you a game which I have played and maybe some of you too, it´s called Akinator, and the game consist in answering the differents questions it will make to you, and it ussually will certain the person, real or no you were thinking. I think it is great! I hope you have fun with it, and maybe you will learn some of English because it is in english language! =D

The link is: http://en.akinator.com/#


4 Responses to Akinator, the genious

  1. Alicia says:

    I had played before and only once he didn’t succeed the person I was thinking.
    He is great! 😛

  2. Mar Biachi says:

    Yes! It’s amaing.
    He always succeed the person I thought!
    Anyone know the trick?

  3. Laura says:

    Thanks Sergio! It’s so funny!

  4. fernando says:

    I’ve won akinator. I look for someone who akinator didn’t know.

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