A young footballer

Interesting piece of news! Thanks, Sergio. There are some mistakes though. I’ve marked them. Do you know how to correct them?

Juanmi Jiménez López was born the 20th May in Coín, in 1993, and sixteen years later he scored a goal against ; in the National Cup of football in Spain.

I think he will scored a lot of more goals and people from Coín, Spain and young people will can see this footballer being happy playing football, as he wants.


5 Responses to A young footballer

  1. Marina Vera says:

    Juanmi has been in my class since we were three years old and today I have been going to see him to play a match in la Rosaleda. 🙂

  2. Eva says:

    he’s a fantastic player.

  3. fernando says:

    I think the corrections are:
    the= on the
    will scored= will score
    will can see= will see

  4. Sergio says:

    Thanks you Fernando, 🙂

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