Striking news: Haidar’s hunger strike for freedom and human rights

You already know about Western Sahara‘s problems to be a free country.

Have you heard of Aminatou Haidar? She’s called the Sahara’sGandhi and is an activist for Human Rights in her country, Sahara, currently under Moroccan occupation.

Read about her story.

She’s willing to die to defend her rights! What do you think?

What would you do in her place?


10 Responses to Striking news: Haidar’s hunger strike for freedom and human rights

  1. Mar Bianchi says:

    I have followed the news of Haidar in TV or radio… I absolutely agree her, the situation in the Sahara are very hard, there are families that aren’t seen from thirty 30 years!!
    We have studied in History the Sahara’s situation.
    If the life in the Sahara is complicated, for Haidar more because she is a woman…
    I support to Haidar and hope that she doesn’t die, hopefully the governments agree and she can return to her house with her family and friend!

  2. Luis says:

    Aminetou Haidar may be right on a small issue of a small part of the world, but she is willing to die for the truth she is being witness of, and, more than admiration, that deserves respect. Every justice is justice, no matter how small. Support Aminetou Haidar!

  3. Mar Bianchi says:

    Laura, I can’t see the site!

  4. Miguel Vera says:

    I think that this woman wants do something that he can´t do alone.It´s my opinion.

  5. Pilar Sedeño says:

    If I was in her situation, I won`t want be far from my children and my family, but I agree with her, of fighting for our rights.

  6. Mar Bianchi says:

    I’ve a really nice piece of new!!
    TV have said that Aminatou will return to her house 🙂
    probably tomorrow…
    it’s fantastic!!

    What are you think about it?

  7. David Fernández says:

    I know that story,but i don’t remember her name!

  8. Sonia García says:

    I am glad that after so much fighting for what she wanted, she has got her proposal and she is with her family and friends

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