World Aids Day – 1 December

Support World AIDS Day

Do something!

Respect and protect!


5 Responses to World Aids Day – 1 December

  1. Lucía Jiménez says:

    In the world, there are 33.4 million people with AIDS, the most in Africa.
    In Spain there are 150,000 people affected .
    The number of people with the disease decreases.

    I think AIDS Day is a good idea because people who suffer this disease and their families need support.
    It also makes people think and take necessary precautions

  2. Mar Bianchi says:

    I totally agree Lucia!
    AIDS Day is necessary to arouse and to sensitize the people about deaths caused by the disease.
    I hope that the medical companies collaborate to find a remedy!

  3. Alicia Urbano says:

    Laura, why have not you come to the high school today?
    Do you feel badly?

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