Lady Jane Grey: the Nine Day Queen

Fascinating character from History: Lady Jane Grey, who reigned in England for nine days.


She’s said to have been a very argumentative, opinionated and even stroppy woman, with clear ideas. Unfortunately she could not put her ideas into practise…

Paul Delaroche portrayed her execution in 1833. There is also a fim about her life:

Do you know who had her killed and why? Find out!

More about the painting. IN SPANISH!




2 Responses to Lady Jane Grey: the Nine Day Queen

  1. fernando says:

    Lady Jane Grey was the cousin of Edward VI, who was a protestant king. When he died the next in the line for the throne was his half-sister Mary Tudor, who was catholic. Edward wanted England to continue being a protestant kingdom so he appointed his cousin instead of Mary Tudor.
    Her execution was caused by her father´s involvement in Wyatt´s rebellion, which was intended to overthrow the newly crowned Queen Mary I.

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