New picture

  • The main character in the picture comes from the nobility
  • She was imprisoned and executed in London. Here:

Who is the main character?


12 Responses to New picture

  1. Luciano says:

    The picture represent “The Execution of Lady Jane Herd” and the author is Paul Delaroche

  2. maria says:

    I found the main character

  3. Alicia Urbano says:

    I have already found the author of the painting.
    It’s very easy with the clues you’ve given us.
    In my opinion this is her best painting.

  4. maria says:

    I disagree whit you alicia, I think with the clues that the teacher gave us was a bit complicated, but it´s possible that I didn´t use corrctly the clues.

  5. Marina Vera says:

    I have found a news (it is in spanish, I’m sorry!) about Beefeaters in the tower of London and I have been forced to put it in the blog: The news speak about violence to women, the first beafeater woman has been harassed by her partners. It is incredible, violence to women are in all places. I can’t stand with it.

    At the end of the news there are a survey about why the guards of the tower are named Beefeater. I think that the second option it’s correct, it is the most obvious for me. What do you think?–acoso-primera-mujer-beefeater-101196-1

    • Laura says:

      It’s disgusting! Unfortunately, as you say, violence against women is deep in our culture and can be found everywhere, not only among working-class or poor people!
      Thanks for the information!

      • Alicia Urbano says:

        I agree with you two.
        I think this shouldn’t be so.
        There should be no violence against women anywhere in the world.
        Do you agree with me?

  6. Ana says:

    I found the information about the beefeaters.
    The Yeomen Warders of Her Majesty’s Royal Palace and Fortress the Tower of London, popularly known as the Beefeaters, are ceremonial guardians of the Tower of London. In principle they are responsible for looking after any prisoners at the Tower and safeguarding the British crown jewels, but in practice they act as tour guides and are a tourist attraction in their own right, a point the Yeoman Warders acknowledge.

    The Yeomen Warders are often incorrectly referred to as Yeomen of the Guard, which is actually a distinct corps of Royal Bodyguards. Gilbert and Sullivan perpetuated this confusion by naming their opera The Yeomen of the Guard when it actually concerns Yeomen Warders.

  7. fernando says:

    I have found that they are called beefeaters because in the past a part or their salary was paid to them in beef.

  8. Marina Vera says:

    Teacher now that I remember well I didn’t visit the National Gallery, I only stayed in the door.
    I have found a leaflet of the tower of London where there are information about crows:
    “The crows are some of the most famous things of the Tower of London. According to the legend, Carlos II received notice of which if the crows were leaving the Tower the monarchy would fall through. Because of that the king arranged that there was kept always a small number of these birds in the tower.”
    Beefeater have been in the tower since the fourteen century.

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