News this week

Kids spend millions on ringtones

Are you a mobile guy? Do you use your mobile to listen to music or download ringtones?

Be careful if you buy a ringtone or a game via mobile!!

Crackdown on ringtone rip-offs




16 Responses to News this week

  1. Luciano says:

    First I come out into the computer and later I put in the mobile

  2. Sergio says:

    I do the same. I never dowloand music by mobile because companies take the number and later charge lot of money without dowloanding…

  3. Sergio says:

    Actually… When I was younger sometimes I downloaded some songs by mobile… But when something happened and you are wrong, you become more conscious, as you talk.

  4. Alicia Urbano says:

    Personally, I don’t unload music for the mobile. I have another alternative. I send for bluetooth the music of the computer to the mobile, and I don’t spend money.
    Is not this a better idea? šŸ˜€

  5. Alicia Urbano says:

    Teacher, I have clicked on this site:
    Vote for your favorite sports celebrity …
    but … it isn’t our blog, truth?

    Ahh, a suggestion, the icons that we have each one with our name, is it possible to change?
    is that I’ve seen other blogs and there are very cool icons šŸ˜›
    For example these:

    • Laura says:

      you can change the icons if you have a wordpress account. Do you remember that I sent you an invitation to join the blog?
      Why don’t you open a blog?

    • Laura says:

      The images you can use are called gravatars. Just in case you make up your mind to open a blog!

      • Alicia Urbano says:

        I already have to wordpress account, but I don’t know use it well.
        I will try it this evening or morning

  6. fernando says:

    I agree, I think it is a stupid thing spending money on ringtones when you can have it for free

  7. Marina Vera says:

    It’s a neinous silliness to spend so much money in something as useless like ringtones. In some cases they are swindles but some children don’t know this and send messages for buy them and they spend a lot of money. They could download music on the Internet or buy music in the shop and with the computer to pass songs to the mobile phone.

  8. maria says:

    The education is a right of every child, although in many countries the girls yet have neither right nor access to it. The girls of the developing countries frequently turn into free manpower for the housework, agriculturalists or the sexual exploitation. Marie Claire Spain has created the Association ” School for all ” with the objective to enrol in school more than thousand Cambodian girls.
    In a country with the access to the education so minority, in that 45 % of the Cambodians has less than fifteen years and 85 % of the (poblation) faces a great poverty, treats itself about the most important project.
    The rural families earn approximately 30 dollars a month, which forces them to make work to her daughters who in many cases run the risk of sexual, domestic or labour exploitation. The collected funds are destined to improve and extend the facilities of the school “Happy Chandara” as well as to another project in Cambodia in favor of the victims of the mines it anti-presents. ” Toutes Ć  l’ecole ” it is the French creative and driving Association of the school that in Spain comes from Marie Claire’s hand

    If you want know more about how help to this girls you can see in the website of Maire Claire or you can look for in google “educaciĆ³nparatodas”

  9. maria says:

    What do you think about this? do you believe that itĀ“s just?

  10. fernando says:

    obviously it is not fair. I think that the problem is the low wages of the girlsĀ“ fathers, if they won more, their daughters would not work.

  11. Celia says:

    I consider it unacceptable that in the twenty first century there is still this kind of situation because it is incredible that with so many advances in today’s society no one can do enough to change this, or who has the power to change that situation then as if they did not see it. It should not be so.

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