The fall of Berlin wall

One of the greatest events in recent European history has been recently celebrated.

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It’s been 20 years since the wall fell in Berlin. Unfotunately there are still other walls in the world. Did you know about that?

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8 Responses to The fall of Berlin wall


    is a sorrow that today there was wall on other contry.

  2. Alicia Urbano says:

    In my opinion, I agree with “the fall of Berlin Wall”, and I think other walls in the world, as the wall of The United States-México, Korea, Saudi Arabia, and even the wall of Spain, in Ceuta and Melilla, should also be fallen, and not build more, as in Brazil.
    “Why? Because I believe a wall is a reason of sadness, separation of countries, people and families …
    The division of the walls carries to living without freedom, without diversity, without tolerance and separated the ones of others.

    The reasons for building the walls are many: combat violence, illegal immigration or even the disease, but the result is always the same: separate and frighten.
    And I totally disagree with that.

  3. Alicia Urbano says:

    Ahh, on the idea of the decorated dominoes that were placed along the route where the old Berlin wall used to stand, I think it’s a very original idea!

  4. Mar Bianchi says:

    In History we were studing a little the Sahara wall and,I think that walls only create violence and fear to the people who live with it and prevent the development of the underprivileged countries…
    I hope that in 20 years many walls are fallen!

  5. maria says:

    I´m agree with you Alicia and I am going to give you information about the wall of the sahara: They nickname to the wall “el muro de la vergüenza”, because it divides along is 2700 kilometres to a village and his territory, there are up to 10 million mines and bombsof cluster, it´s vigilate 24 hours of the day by 160,000 armed soldier and 33 years ago, 200.000 Saharan refugees live blady in the Algerian loved, in a few camps in which the goats eat plastic and the persons survive in a permanent cloud of powder. I think that this situation is horrible.

  6. Sergio says:

    I think that is very sad that in a world where most people talk about freedom and solidarity there is lot of people who are poor and haven´t got food or water… And sometimes they can´t change that because there is a wall in front of them, a wall which they can´t jump or to cross … We should change that, what do you think about?

  7. maria says:

    I totally agree with you sergio

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