Next week

First of all, thank you for your good wishes for my recovery. I feel much better today.

As for my trip to Hungary, we are working on a project called “Global wellbeing”. We are supposed to work on the topic with our students and exchange ideas with other students in Europe. In the beginning, the exchange is going to be “virtual”, so to say. We’ll try first to get to know people from other countries through the Internet, and then we’ll see if we can meet in person in the future!

Regarding the test, I’m sorry you found it too long. Don’t worry, it’ll be shorter next time.

And here you have some tasks to complete next week while I’m away:

  • As 17 October is the International Day for the Eradication of Poverty we are going to read an interesting text about the topic. Go to “aula virtual” (Departamento de Inglés / Archivos / 1º Bachillerato) to find the text with the title: Hunger kills 6 million. The vocabulary is not very easy, so use the dictionary!
  • Work on more reading and grammar with your textbook:
  1. SB- Page 14, 15 – Exercises A to F
  2. SB Pages 16-17 -Exercises A to F


One Response to Next week

  1. Alicia Urbano says:

    Laura, I can’t go into “aula virtual” because I haven’t key to enter Hevia, can you give me a solution?

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