News this week

Did you find ani interesting piece of news this week?

What do you think about Obama being awarded the Nobel Peace Prize?

Have a nice weekend!


12 Responses to News this week

  1. Antonio Luna says:

    Hi, I think it´s too early to give a prize for Obama because he hasn´t made any real pacific action yet, remember that he sent more soldiers to Afganistan than Bush..
    Is true that he is changing his country but not for gain a Nobel Peace Prize.

  2. fernando says:

    I agree with antonio, in my opinion obama has not done too many things yet to win the prize and surely there are people in the world that have done more things than he and they need more the 1 milion dollars of the prize.

  3. maria says:

    I agree, maybe they have given the prize because we all have many hopes of which it Obama does very important things for the world. But he doesn´t it yet any real pacific action.

  4. maria says:

    The president of The United States, Barack Obama, delivers a speech in defense of the homosexual ones during the dinner of show of the National Campaign pro Human rights.

    In the speech declared before the group gay said that it he wants to end with the Law of Defense of the Marriage, which discriminates against them.

  5. Sergio says:

    I agree with Antonio too, Obama is a good president, who believe in other way to do politic and lot of people like him because of this. But i think that he hasn´t done things for receive a Nobel Prize in his first year like president… It´s too earl, maybe other year, because probably other person have done more things in this time and nobody know that… Something too common in this world. We only see famous people doing things.

  6. Javi says:

    I think that Obama hasn´t done everything it promised and he don´t deserves win the prize. Maybe in the future he deserves it but now we have to think in other people who has done more with less resources.

  7. maria says:

    what do you mind about the subject of religion at school??
    It´s just for you??

  8. maria says:

    I feel that it isn´t just, because Spain is a non-denominational state and we have freedom. If the catolic religion want to make believers, she must make them at the church.

    Too,it´s a outrageous that we have this subject in “1º de bachillerato” and in arth there aren´t maths. Are you agree with me??

  9. Alicia Urbano says:

    I haven’t understood very well that you have wanted to say :S

  10. maria says:

    maria, I totally agree with you
    I think maths are more important than religion

  11. fernando says:

    sorry i am fernando

  12. Mar Bianchi says:

    I agree with Maria and Fernando too but, each other is free to choose study maths, religion or history!
    Although I think that mathematics must have more importance than religion in the high school…

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