Some striking news from last week

Here you have some striking news from last week.

Some are in Spanish, some in English.

  • About poverty in the world
  • Violence strikes back in Northern Ireland
  • News status for teachers: public authorities

What do you think? Leave a comment here, please!


21 Responses to Some striking news from last week

  1. Mar says:

    Hi, I’m MaaaR!

    I find a web about Canada’s news!

  2. Sergio says:

    Hello there! =) I´m Sergio

    About the new status for teachers, like authorities… I think that it´s a good idea help to teachers, because most of teenagers in school don´t respect them like should to be. I would like know what do you think about this topic, very commented in the last time.


    • Laura says:

      It’s a very controversial topic. I don’t think teachers will be more respected because of any kind of law. Respect is something you earn with time, not something you are given beforehand. Don’t you think? Thanks for your comment, Sergio!

  3. Antonio Luna says:

    Hi, I have a website of Formula 1 for the fans of this sport if you wanna know the F1 news this your website!
    I hope you like it ^^

  4. Sergio says:

    Hi! =D I know the name of the author of Oliver Twist, the name is Charles Dickens.
    Bye! ^^

  5. Yong li says:

    i think about the new status for teacher that ellos deberian haber hecho esa ley hace tiempo porque an tardado mucho en reaccionar y ahora sera mas dificil de que los niños hagan caso ya que hacen lo que quieren

  6. Maria says:


    The “ONU” says that the crisis sends in the rich countries but it increases in the poor countries.

    The Campaign of the Millenium of United Nations alerted east Thursday of the risk of leaving to the poor countries outside a possible economic recovery, and affirmed that, that the rich countries assign additional resources at least, probably they give up to 33,000 million dollars less than aid from the fiance’ to the developing countries.

  7. Sergio says:

    Oooh… About the news commented by Maria… I think that is very sad this world in this moment.. With the crisis Rich people will buy one car less, but too families and poor people won´t can buy food… I hope one day all the problems like these we have today found a good solution for everybody. What do you think about the crisis and the News commented by Maria??


  8. Sergio says:

    Laura… about your last comment… I think that you have the reason… I´m agree with you with the respect… And i think like you… “Respect is somenthing teachers and everybody earn with time…” And also i´m agree with fines if teenagers don´t respect teachers.
    Thanks for your opinion Laura! =D, People from class, what do you think about this?

  9. Yong li says:

    WTF! sorry i wronged to write in spanish , i repeat the comment : i think about the new status for teacher that they should have made that law makes it an took a long time to react and will be more difficult now that children take heed because they do what they want

  10. maria says:

    This is a notice of Great Britain,What do you think of this new?

    Pair gay does not manage to legalize its marriage in Great Britain LONDON, 31/07/2006 (AP)

    A British judge rejected to Monday the case of two university professors who wished to legalize their marital state after to have contracted nuptials in Canada, that recognizes the homosexual marriages.

    • Laura says:

      Unfortunately, gay marriage is not recognized in the UK. Only the Netherlands and Spain consider it lawful. I hope the situation will change in the near future in every European country!

  11. Mar says:

    Do you know any more country of Europe when gay marriage is not recognized?

  12. Sergio says:

    Hi class and teacher, i have seen a news that made me feel sad…

    “Scores Are Killed as Tsunami Hits Samoa Islands”

    SYDNEY, Australia — A powerful tsunami generated by an undersea earthquake on Tuesday has killed at least 89 people and wiped out several villages on the tropical islands of American Samoa and Samoa, according to government officials, the police and local residents.
    The earthquake, with a magnitude of 8.0, struck around dawn on Tuesday, as many residents were preparing for work and getting their children ready for school. Over the next 12 hours, 15 smaller quakes rumbled through the Samoan islands region, and 14 more were recorded near Tonga, to the south, according to the United States Geological Survey.

    This notice, heard in news around the world was extracted from the New York Times.

    I think that is very sad to hear notice like this.. And made me remember the tsunami in 2004, with 200.000 person killed.

    • Laura says:

      I am with you. It makes me feel sad too. Something similar is happening in the Philippines, a typhoon there. There are thousands of victims.
      By the way, are you feeling well? I didn’t see you in class today!
      I hope everything is fine 🙂

  13. Sergio says:

    I had a sprain in my knee the last thursday, but i´m better and i think i will come back to the schoon on Monday =), Thanks!

  14. Mar says:

    Sergio we miss you..a little but we miss you!


  15. Sergio says:

    Your words make me feel better!, =) thanks you everybody! =D

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